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Changes in wood thickness create a tactile perception of magnetic strength. Tesselated circle shapes allow multiple arrangements and fit pleasantly within your hand.

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Contactless dielectrophoresis for advanced cell sorting and enrichment

Dielectrophoresis (DEP) creates a non-uniform electric field which is used to separate and identify cells and microparticles based on size or electrical properties. In this new system, the electrodes are not in direct contact with the biological sample, and insulating barriers avoid damaging the cells.

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Thrombosis Target: Manipulating Platelet Aggregation

Antithrombotic drugs often fail in the long run due to the emergence of significant compliance and safety issues, including increased bleeding. A new technology developed at Virginia Tech is unique in that it targets a specific macromolecule that is released in response to platelet activation but otherwise remains intracellular.

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L-Beam Energy Harvester

Providing twice the electrical output of existing designs, this technology more effectively converts vibrations across a range of frequencies. The L-Beam Energy Harvester is ideal for charging batteries or capacitors or powering small
electronic devices.

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