VTIP evaluates, protects, and markets inventions created by researchers at Virginia Tech.
View some of the cutting edge technologies being created by researchers at Virginia Tech.

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  1. Fill out an Invention Disclosure Form.  BE SURE TO OBTAIN ALL REQUIRED SIGNATURES (all inventors, principal investigator, department head); submit the form to:

    Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties
    2200 Kraft Drive, Suite 1050
    Blacksburg, VA 24060

    Ph (540) 951-9374
    Fx (540) 951-5292

  2. VTIP assesses the disclosure for university ownership and existing sponsor rights.
    1. If the researcher owns the invention, assessment ends. The researcher can keep the intellectual property or request VTIP evaluation (step 3) and if accepted, researchers assigns the inteelectual property to VTIP.
    2. If Virginia Tech owns the property but there is private sponsor rights, assessment may end, the sponsor may  pay for patenting, license the invention exclusively, and pay royalties, depending on the private sponsor rights under the sponsored project. Proceed to step A-5 or B-2c.
    3. If Virginia Tech owns the property, the researcher assigns the intellectual property to the university, who assigns it to VTIP. Proceed to step 3.
  3. VTIP evaulates and decides whether the intellectual property should be protected and/or marketed and who should do what.
    1. If the marketing and licensing looks promising but VTIP lacks the expertise in a particular technology area, the intellectual property may also be sent to an outside private commercialization firm for evaluation and marketing. Inactive Disclosure.
      Along with following an active marketing plan, the intellectual property is listed on the VTIP website by title under our "Available Technologies" section. Interested parties inquiring about these properties are put in direct contact with the licensing manager for further activity. Upon the inventors' request, if licensing is not successful, title to the property may upon approval of a waiver of rights request, be reassigned to them.
    2. If VTIP says yes, proceed to C or D, or wait until a patent application is filed (step C-4).
      VTIP's goal is to find a licensee that has the ability and capital to commercialize the invention.  In these negotiations, VTIP balances income from licensing with support for research and development and enabling the start-up and growth of new ventures.

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