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  1. You have an idea for research!!!!
  2. Develop the preliminary scope and budget.
  3. Search for and contact sources of funding.
    (Help is available from the Research Opportunity Office, 231-9352, and Research Support Services, 231-9353).

    Private sector funding, proceed to step 4
    Public sector funding, skip step 4 -- proceed to step 5

  4. Advise the sponsor contact of Virginia Tech's intellectual property policy position.

    An intellectual property clause will define the rights of both parties. Make sure it is clear that the law of Virginia is the applicable law, and that the university has the right to publish -- although confidentiality can be maintained for six to 12 months. By state law, the university retains ownership, but the sponsor has first option to license. VT Research Contract Affairs can respond to questions and/or help develop mutually satisfactory intellectual property arrangements.

  5. Develop a research proposal, with assistance from the Office of Sponsored Programs regarding budget and intellectual property and publications clauses.

    The Office of Sponsored Programs is located in 301 Burruss. Call 231-5283 for support in preparing the proposal package.

  6. Negotiate and sign a research project agreement.
    (Office of Sponsored Programs and the researcher).
  7. Carry out the research.
  8. Review the results for commercial potential.

    No potential, proceed to step 9.
    Has potential or not sure, proceed to step B.

  9. Publish the results, if indicated, and/or prepare a final report.
  10. Advise the sponsor that there is no invention.
  11. Use the results to create another research idea or project.

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