VTIP evaluates, protects, and markets inventions created by researchers at Virginia Tech.
View some of the cutting edge technologies being created by researchers at Virginia Tech.

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  1. Contacts are made with potential commercialization partners,  A non-confidential explanation of an intellectual property is sent with a letter.   Contacts are identified by:
    1. The researcher often can suggest potential licensees.
    2. VTIP has a list of contacts.
    3. A database search is conducted for companies in the field.
  2. Publicity in trade and peer-reviewed magazines, and through professional presentations, etc. is encouraged.  VTIP attends a number of conferences and industry trade shows.  VTIP's web site (www.vtip.org) has a list of available technologies.
  3. A license is negotiated.
    1. If the license is to a major business/industry:
      It may include more research (back to step A-2), and
      The researcher may be hired as a consultant as part of licensing
    2. If license is to a small company:
      The research and consulting component may be larger, and
      Equity interest may be a part of the deal.
    3. A new company is started to commercialize the intellectual property.

    VTIP can help find capital and the management team. You may be a member of the management team.

  4. If these contacts do not result in a license, than outside marketing agents with risk capital are contacted.  They will evaluate, and determine interest.  If interested, they will sign a marketing license and pay for patenting and marketing costs.   VTIP and marketing agent share in the licensing revenues.

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