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  • If the decision is to patent, VTIP or the commercialization partner will fund the process. A patent attorney with appropriate technical expertise is selected. If the decision is to copyright, the researcher is advised to put "copyright" notices - (All Rights Reserved, Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, 2008) on all material sent out.   The copyright can be registered if there is commercial interest; skip to D
  • The attorney works with the inventor to develop and draft a complete and thorough patent application. Close inventor/attorney cooperation in this key step is critical in obtaining a valid patent.
  • A patent application is filed.
  • The application may be rejected several times as the attorney negotiates with the examiner. The attorney's goal is a broad, basic patent, rather than a narrowly defined set of claims. The process may take as long as three years. Publication of results after filing an application is encouraged.
  • A patent is issued or the patent application is abandoned.

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